Benefits of a teaching career

A career that moves
Mentoring and support
Benefits you and others
Financial benefits
  • $95,490 starting salary package as a new graduate
  • Up to $145,985 annual salary package as an experienced teacher
  • New 7-step salary scale, making NSW public school teachers among the highest paid in the nation

Video: Teaching opens doors

Become a teacher and unlock a world of opportunity.

Start your teaching journey

Ready to start the journey? Find out how to become a teacher in a NSW public school.

High school students:

  1. Meet teaching course pre-requisites
  2. Update UAC preferences to include an initial teacher education course
  3. Apply for a future teacher scholarship

University students:

  1. Enrol in an approved initial teacher education course
  2. Apply for a future teacher scholarship
  3. Apply for approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education

Career changers:

  1. Select your subject area specialisation
  2. Enrol in an initial teacher education course
  3. Be supported while you study/retrain to become a teacher

Teachers from other systems/states:

  1. Apply for NESA accreditation
  2. Apply for approval to teach in NSW public schools
  3. Explore employment opportunities across NSW

Video stories: See how teaching opens doors

For Sarah, a teaching career has opened doors to a community of like-minded individuals.
Teaching opened doors for Iginas. He is now doing the same for his students.
A career in education has opened doors for Jason as both an Aboriginal Education Officer and Aboriginal Culture Curriculum Teacher.
For Troy, teaching in a NSW public school has opened doors to a rewarding career and a welcoming community he can raise his family within.
As a teacher, Julian is able to make a visible difference in the course of his students' lives. He also has the flexibility to pursue his passion for acting.
Francis became a teacher to positively impact the lives of others, and has since discovered the ways in which teaching offers a range of professional development opportunities that enhance his career.
Holly has had the opportunity to step into a variety of leadership roles, while having the flexibility and support to take time away from teaching to start a family.
Since joining the profession as an English teacher, Jessica has enjoyed the flexibility to complete additional studies as a teacher librarian and to start a family.
As a student, Stella's teachers opened doors for her to explore her love of science. Stella now shapes the future of STEM through encouraging and supporting her own students.
For Tammy, a career in education has opened doors. Not only to varied and rewarding leadership opportunities but for her school community and the next generation.
Working as a Senior Education Officer and sharing her passion for teaching with future teachers was a career development opportunity Gen couldn't have imagined when starting as a history teacher.
As a beginning teacher, Brigitte benefitted from mentoring and support. She now has the confidence to support the diverse learning needs of students in her classes.
Tyran has benefitted from the flexibility of a teaching career. Teaching has allowed him to work towards his sporting goals as a professional cricketer, whilst at the same time, making a meaningful difference in the classroom.

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