Video transcript: Gen's story

Originally I thought that you could only move up into leadership roles within the school and I really wasn't aware of how many roles there are working in the corporate side of the department.

In my role now, I've met so many incredible educators and we're all so lucky to have such a big range of roles that we can take on. One of the really good things about working in the public education sector is that you have so many opportunities for career progression.

I have such an enormous passion for teaching, which I get to share on a really broad scale. In my role as a Senior Education Officer, I work with lots of incredible individuals who also have a real passion for public education. So it's really nice to work with people who all feel the same about your career as you do.

My role is very varied and I think it has developed my professional capacity as a teacher in a big way. There is a lot of support and I've had so many experiences to develop my leadership skills and form so many new connections. I always feel like my voice is really valued and my experience is always looked to. And when I go back into the classroom, I know that my strengths have been developed so much.

My name is Gen and I am a History Teacher and a Senior Education Officer with the NSW Department of Education.


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