Video Transcript: Jason's Story

I dabbled a fair bit in the building industry and carpentry after high school. You know, it probably wasn't my niche.

I've always kind of really loved working and being a mentor to younger people.

I was fortunate enough to start as an Aboriginal Education Officer. I was inspired by many of my colleagues to push on and do my teaching degree and I was fortunate enough to complete my teaching degree and be appointed back at Briar Road Public School, the school that I was once upon a time a kindergarten student.

It’s incredibly important for Aboriginal students to see Aboriginal leaders, teachers, support staff in their schools, not just because they bring a wonderful skillset to their roles, but they also bring a cultural intellect.

We look at things like how to throw a boomerang or using terminology like aerodynamics, lift and drag. And I feel privileged to be able to bring some of the Aboriginal perspectives into more teachers programs.

It's probably one of the most rewarding jobs that I can think that I've ever had. If you want to be in a profession where you see growth and feel inspired to be better at what you do, then teaching is the job.

My name is Jason and I teach in a New South Wales public school.


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