Video transcript: Julian's story

I chose teaching because I'm drawn to this idea of working with teenagers. They are the complex, but the most fulfilling group of people to work with. I've had lots of opportunities to say I'm interested in this, and I've always had the backing of my principal and my head teachers around me to let that happen. So particularly putting my hand up to be a year advisor at first was a really good opportunity. And then when I was sort of ready for that next step, the Head Teacher Welfare role came along and the principal gave me the opportunity and I never looked back.

The most rewarding part of my role is the moment after, where the parent will just send an email and go, 'I cannot thank you enough.' Or even two years down the track, like a previous student reaches out to go, 'You changed my life in year nine when you just said, “You look really upset today, what's wrong?”' And it's like, wow, even five years on, my little conversation actually changed a student's outcome and that is really special.

I think the great thing about teaching is the flexibility to help pursue your own interests. My acting hobby, it's just made me a bit more confident. We are a version of ourselves when we stand up in front of kids. Using that acting experience, I'm able to project a bit more confidently and be a bit more confident version of myself.

I don't mind what my student's passion is, but I want them to achieve their passion and I want to be remembered as the teacher that helped them get there and help them realize that.

My name is Julian and I teach in a NSW public school.


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