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The public sector is vast . Around 16% of Australian workers are government employees. It covers Federal to state to local government (council). This also includes agencies such as the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) or the Federal Police; Tourism Australia; the Australian Maritime Museum and many more. The government sector is growing especially at a state level. The kinds of work can include making policy; educating people about important messages and helping to create infrastructure and systems that will improve people's lives. Government jobs tend to have high job security and good superannuation.

The defence force is very active in trying to recruit and there are many opportunities across army, navy, airforce. The Defence force also offers a scheme where they will sponsor your university degree in return for a certain number of years spent working in the force. Another option is the army reserves which have a great variety of part time jobs. Working in the Australian Defence Force may mean travel overseas and carrying out operations at all times of the day and night.

Typical jobs:

  • Capital works procurement officer

  • Speechwriter

  • Policy analyst

  • Community engagement officer

  • Artillery systems operator

  • Army officer

  • Marine technician

  • Helicopter mission commander

  • Air surveillance operator

Would it suit me?

The industry could suit you if you:

  • Like helping people and improving the lives of your community

  • Are interested in politics, current events and the way we’re governed

  • Are good at analysing and researching information

  • Are thorough and organised

  • Have good leadership and communication skills

  • Are good at communicating with clients from different backgrounds

  • Like solving problems

  • Like to stay physically active

How do I get into the industry?

Some of the most popular courses in this industry include:

  • Bachelor of Political Science

  • Diploma of Government

  • Bachelor of Law

  • Diploma of Project Management

  • Certificate IV in Business Administration

Please note:

If you’re interested in joining the Defence Force, there are multiple pathways. You can enter the force in an general level without any qualifications or experience. You will get all the training you need and be paid while you train. For officer level entry qualifications or specific training may be required depending on the role. Check out the Australian Defence Force for further details.


Speak to your school to find out more.


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