Communications and the media

Communications is about delivering messages, promoting news or services across a variety of media and platforms. Communications professionals can work for media organisations or corporate organisations or government. There is often a cross over between communications and media. Both tend to have the same networks and circles. Media workers create and publish stories or articles across different platforms. While traditional media such as print is waning, new media platforms such as online blogs are increasing. Media now uses constantly evolving platforms and outlets to reach audiences.. Communications and media are both rapidly growing and constantly evolving sectors. There are lots of career opportunities.

Typical jobs

  • Journalist

  • Communications officer

  • Media officer

  • Marketing co-ordinator

  • Editor

  • Broadcaster

Would it suit me?

The industry could suit you if you:

  • Enjoy a fast paced work environment
  • Like finding and promoting stories or issues
  • Can work on multiple projects at once
  • Don’t mind working evenings or weekends
  • Are self motivated and independent
  • Work well with deadlines
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Enjoy research and carrying out interviews
  • Like creating strategies to get content to a wide audience.

How do I get into the industry?

Some of the popular courses in the industry include:

  • Diploma of Communications
  • Diploma of Social Media Marketing
  • Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication
  • Diploma of Screen and Media
  • Bachelor of Communications


Speak to your school to find out more.


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