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Reconciliation is everyone’s business and there are many ways you can get involved in making reconciliation a reality in your workplace or community.

Join our consultations

We are excited to be progressing with the second stage of our reconciliation journey – the development of our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our first plan ‘the Reflect’ stage, was all about scoping reconciliation while this second stage is all about implementing reconciliation.

We want to get input from people across the department on what should be the focus of our implementation work. What are the burning issues? Where do we most want to see change? What does success look like?

Find out more in the video below, and register your interest in participating in the consultations today.

Reconcilliation Action Plan 2021

Duration - 2:13
Video of the Reconciliation Action Plan 2021

Upcoming events

Events are updated through the year and recordings are made of most events.

Date Event

11 November


Community and Cultural Leadership in Aboriginal education with NSW AECG - Webinar with NSW AECG President Catherine Trindall

24 November


Colonial frontier massacres: a map - Webinar with University of Newcastle historian Lyndall Ryan

9 December


Privileging Aboriginal voices in response planning for infectious diseases - Webinar with Hunter New England Local Health District PhD Scholar Kristy Crooks

Events in your workgroup

Reconciliation is everyone’s business – and it doesn’t only matter in National Reconciliation Week. Your workgroup might like to think about some of these activities and actions during the year:

  • A cultural walk in your area (your local Land Council or local Council are good places to ask about these)
  • A lunchtime Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sports event (there is something for everyone!)
  • Start a Reconciliation Book Club
  • Start a Reconciliation Film Club (some great ideas)
  • Organise a night out with colleagues and see an Indigenous musical artist or a relevant film or theatre production
  • Take Cultural Awareness Training – or make it a priority for your work group
  • Learn more about trauma and its ongoing effects – especially for people affected by past policies of forced child removal.
  • Think about how the work you do (or how you do your work) affects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Learn more about the Uluru Statement from the Heart (the 2019 Boyer lectures are also a great resource)
  • Stand up to racism
  • Be familiar with the department’s Reconciliation Action Plan and Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
  • Join the Reconciliation Action Plan Group on Yammer to hear about upcoming events and activities.

We have a library of resources available to help you plan events and activities.

Join the community

Everyone in the department is welcome to join the Yammer ‘Reconciliation Action Plan Group’, it’s a great place to join in the conversation.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders employees are warmly invited to join the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Network, contact

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