Closing the Gap

The department and its people have a unique role to play in achieving the priority reforms under Closing the Gap including:

  • Formal partnerships and shared decision making
  • Building the community-controlled sector
  • Transforming government organisations
  • Shared access to data and information at a regional level

Closing the Gap webinar

In March 2022, former Secretary, Georgina Harrison, Group Deputy Secretary, Simone Walker, and Community Engagement Officer (CEO) for NSW AECG, Bianca Ella, came together for a webinar to discuss the importance of Closing the Gap.

They were joined by a panel of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to talk about the impact that we are having on the education system and the lives of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Closing the Gap livestream


  • Education support operations

Business Unit:

  • Secretary
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