Diversity, inclusion and belonging

We are committed to creating workplaces around NSW in which every colleague feels they belong.

Diversity Inclusion Belonging Strategy 2023-2026

Our commitment to equity and excellence means every student can learn, grow and belong at school. They do this in a safe and inclusive environment that celebrates the strength of our vibrant, diverse and multicultural community.

This commitment extends to our workforce.

The department's Diversity Inclusion and Belonging Strategy celebrates our diversity and highlights the part we all play to make our workplace an environment where people feel represented, included and valued - where all employees feel they belong.

Throughout the next 3 years, building our work on the pillars of Community, Capability and Commitment, we will bring diversity, inclusion and belonging to life.

  • Community is about who we are at Education. We’re building an accountable, collaborative culture of belonging. Leaders, teams, and individuals across the department know the role they can play.

  • Capability is about making sure we have an environment that supports inclusion. It’s about ensuring our systems and processes are accessible and inclusive, and it’s building the capability of our people – making resources, training, and support available to empower our people to promote inclusion in everything they do.

  • Commitment is about holding ourselves accountable for building an inclusive culture. We will demonstrate commitment by embedding Diversity targets into our divisional people plans, and inclusion goals in our executive performance agreements.

About diversity and inclusion


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