Truancy is a research-based measure from the Tell Them From Me surveys. It is a source of evidence linked to What works best and the School Excellence Framework.

What is it?

Truancy refers to unauthorised absences from school, indicating that a child has missed school without permission or appropriate reason.

The Tell Them From Me surveys ask students about how often during the past four weeks they have skipped classes or missed days at school without permission, or arrived late for school or classes. The results are reported as the percentage of students that regularly truant.

Why is it important?

Truancy is linked to disruptive behaviour, negative dispositions towards school, and poor outcomes later in life and is negatively associated with student performance. Improving attendance patterns in the early years of schooling is particularly important as students that have a pattern of nonattendance or truancy early in their school career are more likely to truant during the secondary school years. School attendance is also one of the best predictors of school completion.

School improvement links

School Excellence Framework element What works best theme
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Evidence base

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