Participation in school sports

Participation in school sports is a research-based measure from the Tell Them From Me surveys. It is a source of evidence linked to What works best and the School Excellence Framework.

What is it?

Sport is a physical activity that requires physical exertion, is organised and usually competitive, and played as part of a team or individually.

The Tell Them From Me surveys ask students how frequently they participate in sporting activities across the school, outside of their usual PE class. The results are reported as the percentage of students engaged in school sports, indicating participation in such an activity at least once a week.

Why is it important?

Participation in sports can help students in a multitude of ways. Physical activity can not only contribute to improving students’ physical health, it can also aid in developing social skills and improving mental health, as well as leading to better academic outcomes and school completion. Students who participate in sports during the school years tend to have a positive attitude towards physical activity which does not diminish as they age.

School improvement links

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Evidence base

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