Positive homework behaviours

Positive homework behaviours is a research-based measure from the Tell Them From Me surveys. It is a source of evidence linked to What Works Best and the School Excellence Framework.

What is it?

Homework refers to the time invested by students in learning and studying school subjects outside of school hours. Positive homework behaviours reflect engagement with schoolwork that extends beyond the classroom.

The Tell Them From Me surveys ask students about their attitudes towards homework and their effort in completing it. The results are reported as the percentage of students with positive homework and studying behaviours.

Why is it important?

When employed effectively, homework is positively correlated with student achievement. It can help students to retain information, improve their study skills and demonstrate learning outside of school. Students are more likely to complete and benefit from homework when it is designed to meet specific purposes and goals.

School improvement links

School Excellence Framework element What works best theme
Learning culture High expectations


Evidence base

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