Leadership is a research-based measure from the Tell Them From Me surveys. It is a source of evidence linked to What works best and the School Excellence Framework.

What is it?

Educational leadership involves reciprocal and meaningful learning within a school community. It involves school leaders supporting teachers to improve their practice to better support the learning needs of their students.

The Tell Them From Me surveys ask teachers about their interactions with school leaders and the extent to which these interactions have supported improvements in their professional practice. The results are reported as teachers' average score for leadership

Why is it important?

While the relationship between principals, teachers and students is complex, research has shown that school leadership can positively impact student outcomes. Principal leadership can indirectly influence student achievement through school policies and norms, such as instructional organisation and learning time. Positive teacher perceptions of a principal's leadership style can also facilitate improvements in classroom instruction and school climate. Educational leadership is most effective when leaders listen and make both formal and informal suggestions to teachers that are based on their experiences.

School improvement links

School Excellence Framework element What works best theme
Learning and development Collaboration
Educational leadership

Evidence base

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