Tell Them From Me measures

Tell Them From Me data is reported to you in a series of charts that capture your students’ responses across a range of measures of their wellbeing, engagement and reflections on the teaching and learning practices that they encounter at school. Together, these three elements capture important factors for ensuring positive outcomes for students across their school lives.

In most cases, responses for individual questions are not reported in your Tell Them From Me reports. Rather, a set of several of the survey’s questions combine to form a measure of a specific aspect of a student’s school life, such as their sense of belonging or their level of interest and motivation in the classroom. To get the most from your Tell Them From Me data, it is important to unpack these measures and understand what it is they are telling you about your students’ experiences at school.

Tell Them From Me measures and their accompanying explainers are the intellectual property of The Learning Bar. These explainers are reproduced here, in modified form, with permission in order to support NSW public schools. More information is available on the Tell Them From Me portal.

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