Your career journey

Whatever your previous work and life experience, there are career opportunities for you in Education.

With nearly 100,000 employees working all over NSW, the Department of Education isn't like a regular workplace. There is no one career track in the department - working with us you'll have chances to experience and develop well beyond your initial job description.

Your career journey at Education can take you on new paths, with unexpected opportunities to move sideways as well as up and the professional support to help discover new talents and interests.


Have you recently graduated, or are just about to? There are opportunities for you to jump-start your career at Education.

Corporate graduates

The NSW Government Graduate Program is a structured employment and development program designed to attract and retain talented graduates to the public sector. Graduates from a broad range of disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Working as a graduate is an excellent pathway into the department and provides a springboard to other positions within the organisation. You will be supported throughout the 18 months of the program to ensure a smooth transition into the workplace and to help you develop as a professional. The program includes:

  • Work assignments and stretch projects to develop capabilities
  • Structured mentoring program
  • A Diploma of Government qualification
  • Opportunities to network with other graduates throughout the program
  • Ongoing role offer on successful completion of the program.

Teaching graduates

If you are in your final two semesters of a NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) accredited teacher education program through a NSW or ACT tertiary institution, at La Trobe University (Wodonga Campus) or at Griffith University, you can apply to the NSW Department of Education's Graduate Recruitment Program (GRP).

The GRP is your opportunity to gain approval to teach in NSW public schools. Through your application you may receive interim approval to teach, enabling you to work as a casual or temporary teacher while you complete your studies.

Job mobility

At Education you will have opportunities to gain experience in temporary roles different to the role to which you were appointed.


A secondment is a temporary, fixed-term work agreement entered into between two government sector agencies, the home agency, and another agency. While on secondment you'll remain a Department of Education employee, but gain experience and broaden your horizons by working in a new environment, covering another subject, or even trying an entirely different role.

Internal moves

You can also make a temporary internal move within Education, working in a different role for a set period of time with the right of return to your original role at the end of that period. This gives you valuable opportunity to expand your experiences, learn new skills, and take on additional responsibilities while retaining job security.

Professional development

We value your ongoing professional development and offer a wide range of programs and strategies to support every stage of your career.

When you work at the department:

  • All your professional learning will contribute, either directly or indirectly, to improved student learning outcomes.
  • You have the right to be supported in your professional learning throughout your career, especially as it relates to the major strategic directions of the department.
  • We value your prior learning and existing skills and knowledge.
  • You will be provided with technology, open learning models and flexible learning that will enhance your professional learning opportunities.

Working in our schools

Professional learning begins when you commence employment and continues throughout your career in public education.

Performance and development processes are applicable to permanent, temporary and casual teachers, executives and principals, and school administration and support staff working in NSW public schools.

The department coordinates the learning continuum and supports you in making key career transitions. Your learning and development will take place in different ways through a wide range of flexible learning options. These might include:

  • e-learning
  • short courses
  • attending conferences
  • mentoring or coaching.

You may be required to participate in some activities as a condition of your employment within the department, especially in areas required by legislation such as child protection. Other professional activities, including professional reading, will be self-initiated as a demonstration of your commitment to the teaching profession.

We also help teachers maintain their accreditation by continuously building professional excellence.

Our corporate workplace

In corporate roles your professional development begins immediately, with a local induction in your work area with your manager and team.

We value ongoing workplace learning, so will help you build a personal learning and development plan as your career progresses. You can choose to learn in the way that best suits you; through on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, job shadowing, professional networking or online. We also actively encourage leadership and management training to ensure you have the skills and opportunity to take on more senior roles as your experience and knowledge expands.

Support for Aboriginal employees

Our Aboriginal staff are supported through professional induction programs, the ongoing assistance of Aboriginal human resources staff and our dedicated web presence , which provides information on jobs, support, local networks, professional development and career planning.

The right networks for every role

Workplace networks across the department give you the opportunity to share opinions and experiences and receive or offer mentoring and professional support within informal groups of like-minded colleagues.

We have an extensive range of professional networks available to corporate managers, senior women, young professionals, workers with disabilities, our staff in schools and our Aboriginal teachers, school administrators, support staff and corporate employees.

Teacher promotional positions and transfer

With such a wide range of schools and locations to choose from, you can look forward to a variety of career progression options including promotion and transfer, all while still remaining under the one employer.

Promotional positions

As a teacher there are opportunities for promotion, both in and outside the classroom.

Teaching Service may apply for positions at the same level, or higher level opportunities.

If you are applying for an executive position in a school you will need to address the general selection criteria. More information is available in the documents below:

If you are seeking promotion as head teacher or you are applying for advertised head teacher positions you will need to check that you meet the academic and teacher training requirements (staff only) for the position.


Existing permanent classroom teachers may apply for transfer to classroom teacher positions in other public schools. You can also move by applying for advertised teaching opportunities at other schools.

Staffing permanent positions in NSW Public Schools are subject to the Department of Education's Staffing Agreement with the NSW Teachers Federation and permanent teachers may be appointed to vacancies in schools as per the Staffing Procedure for the Teaching Service in NSW Public Schools (staff only).

Teachers in some of our rural or remote schools are also eligible to apply for an incentive transfer, to a suitable vacancy at another school after serving a required number of years in a rural or remote school. They are considered, along with Aboriginal teachers, at the first step in the staffing processes.

Permanent classroom teachers accrue transfer points according to their school's location. Transfer points are one factor used to rank teachers applying for transfer in relative priority. For information on the number of transfer points assigned to each school, view the Organisation of public schools in NSW by staffing area (XLSX 0.13MB).

In some cases, teachers and executive staff, and principals may be nominated to be transferred to another school. This usually happens as a result of changes in school enrolments and the subjects offered by your school may mean you are nominated to be transferred to a position in another school.

If you are a permanent teacher and you need to relocate due to an appointment you may be eligible for a range of benefits. This applies to people deemed to be "transferred officers" under clause 1(u) of the Transferred Officers' Compensation Determination No 1 of 2001. Full details are contained in the Transferred Officers' Compensation Determination No 1 of 2001 (PDF 0.1MB). Moving within the Sydney metropolitan area does not qualify you for such benefits.

If you are eligible, and wish to be considered for a transfer to a different school you will need to submit an application using the online transfer system for teachers. This to also where you can update your existing application for transfer.

Local Transfer Scheme

The Local Transfer Scheme provides opportunities for permanent classroom teachers and executive staff (other than principals) to gain new skills, experiences and professional development.

The scheme allows a permanent transfer to occur between teachers at the same position level and similar subject/teaching approval.

Permanent classroom teachers and executive staff in NSW public schools who have been at their current school and position for five years or more are eligible for transfer, if they satisfy the eligibility criteria for the position to which they are seeking transfer.

Teachers who successfully apply for permanent transfer under the scheme will enjoy the employment conditions applicable to their new school. The benefits under the Transferred Officer's Compensation determination (PDF 94.63KB) do not apply.

Read the Local Transfer Scheme Guidelines (DOCX 60.79KB) for more detailed information about eligibility and the application process.

Permanent teachers and executive staff in NSW public schools who wish to apply for transfer through the Local Transfer Scheme will need to submit an application using the online transfer system for teachers.

Deferred Salary Scheme

The Deferred Salary Scheme for teachers in schools and related employees (PDF 597.03KB) allows participants to take a year away from their position for professional development and renewal experiences such as participation in return to industry schemes, other industry experience, post graduate study, working in overseas education systems or other activities.

The Deferred Salary Scheme is a five-year scheme whereby participants will defer part of their salary for the first four years of the scheme and will be paid the deferred salary in the fifth year.

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