Extracurricular activities, such as excursions and sports carnivals, form a valued part of a well-rounded education. For many teachers, they also provide the opportunity to further explore their interests and apply a variety of learning methods outside of the classroom. The administration involved in organising these activities can be extensive.

There are significant opportunities to learn from efficient processes that currently exist within schools. Improved guidance and clarity can be provided in order to manage workload connected to extracurricular activities.

  • Delivered a new excursions policy and procedures including new approval process and resources for overseas excursions.

  • Developed a centralised digital location for users to access streamlined information and advice on the organisation and management of variations of routine.  

  • Offered training for different staff profiles, for example in relation to overseas excursions process and requirements. 

  • Streamlined approval processes, resources and advice for principals on how to manage extracurricular activities.  

  • Clarified mandatory requirements – and what is optional. 

  • Provided clearer advice on WHS requirements. 

  • Digitised manual forms and payment processes. 

  • Develop a bank of venue, accommodation and transport providers for excursion options across the state.

  • Explore options to consolidate the variation of routine coordination process in schools. 

  • Develop example excursions linked to the curriculum with accompanying templates to be reviewed.  

  • Provide schools with simplified access to a pre-approved list of system providers, with modules for streamlined variation of routine processes such as planning, risk assessment, permission notes and payments. 

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