Review of SRE and SEE in government schools

2015 review of Special Religious Education and Special Education in Ethics in NSW government schools.

The report makes 56 recommendations. 22 of the recommendations were considered in consultation with the NSW Consultative Committee for SRE and NSW Consultative Committee for SEE. The department has responded to the remaining 34 recommendations. These are provided as separate documents.

Why was the review conducted?

The NSW Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No 2, chaired by the Hon Marie Ficarra MLC, released a report on the Education Amendment (Ethics Classes Repeal) Bill 2011. The report made a number of recommendations aimed at improving the implementation and delivery of SRE and SEE.

Recommendation 14 of the Standing Committee report required that ‘a future independent review of both ethics classes and SRE be conducted by appropriately qualified early childhood educational reviewers in 2014-2015'.

The review was not conducted to determine whether SRE or SEE should be offered in NSW public schools.


  • School operations
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