Engaging families

A welcoming atmosphere is important for newly arrived parents. They need to be confident that their children are safe in school and develop trust in the school and staff.

School staff and interpreting services

Ensuring that school staff members, particularly front office personnel, are trained to communicate effectively with parents whose first language is not English, and in accessing and using interpreters, is an effective strategy.

Providing interpreter assistance when required and translated documents when available are important first steps. Interpreting services are provided for parents and carers who do not speak or understand English well and parents and carers who are deaf and/or hearing impaired or use sign language. A large number of the department’s important school publications are available in many languages on our translated documents pages.

School and community activities

Encouraging parents and guardians to participate in school activities can support their settlement and have a positive effect on students. Schools might like to consider conducting the Families in cultural transition (FICT) program for newly arrived migrant and refugee parents. This group program is interactive and is designed to help participants to understand the impact of resettlement on the family and family dynamics.

For more information see engaging communities.


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