High school program outline

The high school Welcome Program aims to provide students orientation and support following their enrolment in high school.

The recommended structure (below) will ensure that the students and facilitators develop a strong connection and build trust and rapport over time.

The Welcome Program for high school consists of:

  • A peer support training session in which buddies are trained (before Session 1).
  • Eight 1 hour student sessions for newly enrolled high school aged students. The first 7 of these would be best run over 7 consecutive weeks. The final session (Session 8) is a follow-up session which should be held during the following term.
  • A 2 hour orientation meeting (morning/afternoon tea) for parents and carers which can also be attended by students. Professional interpreters should be organised to provide first language support for parents. This should be offered soon after enrolment.

Peer support training

Peer support can help newly arrived EAL/D students to form relationships at high school.

Assigning buddies to help the students during Session 1 will make them feel welcome. It is essential to select buddies who are interested in the role, familiar with the school and who can act as good role models.

A training session should be provided for students who will provide peer support before you implement Session 1 of The Welcome Program.

Peer support training session

For more detailed information, open the Peer support training session learning object.

Student sessions

For a brief description of what students will learn during each session, visit the High school sessions – Content and activities page.

Orientation for parents and carers

A variety of approaches could be taken to delivering a session for parents/carers.

Information about strategies that schools can use to encourage migrant and refugee parents/carers to participate in the educational experiences of their children at school can be found on the department’s Cultural inclusion webpage.

Resource for parents

A small brochure, booklet or video-clip containing important information would be a useful resource for parents. Include photos and names of key school staff who could be contacted for different matters, school phone contact numbers, school email address and a link to the school website.

A parent/carer morning tea

For more detailed information, open the Parent/carer morning tea learning object.


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