Using technology

Use technology to deliver and enhance the remote learning experience for students and communicate with your school community.

Policy Library links

Refer to the Technology in Schools policy and Technology in Schools procedure for the mandatory requirements around technology in schools.

What technology is for

When it is available, staff, students and even parents can use technology to support learning from home.

Adopt technology to be more efficient or do something you can’t otherwise do. Computers, tablets or smart phones help people do three things:

  • Investigate – find, manipulate and evaluate data and information.
  • Create – produce a new product or plan. Often this is a response to the conclusions of an investigation.
  • Communicate – deliver or receive information.

To enhance the learning experience with technology use it to personalise learning for students and to connect students to learning opportunities they are not otherwise able access.

Our partnerships help teachers and students collaborate, share, and communicate with technology as part of the learning environment.

Students and teachers can access innovative technology solutions to enable learning anywhere anytime. The department works with technology vendors to offer standard commercial software and custom-built learning tools. Avoid using software or platforms from other third parties unless you have a need that department tools can’t address.

Use the resources and links below to support learning with technology.


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