Monitoring student achievement and recording evidence of their learning continues to be important when teaching at home.

Gathering evidence of learning

Recording student work and achievement of learning can involve gathering different types of evidence or recording it in a different way while students are learning at home.

Use the following information to select the types of evidence that will record your students progress.

Tools for recording evidence of learning

Some formative and summative assessment strategies will work better than others when teachng and learning at home.

Similarly there is a range of different software that will support you in recording evidence of student achievement while they are learning from home.

Use the following information to select strategies and software for recording student achievement.

Reporting on student achievement

While teaching and learning at home continues parents, carers and students need at least one formal opportunity to discuss student progress.

Use this advice on reporting student achievement to plan those sessions.

Formal assessment

Meeting the requirements for the RoSA and HSC still requires formal assessment of senior students.

The following information will support you to provide meaningful and appropriate assessment.


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