Formal assessment

Requirements, formal assessments and adjustments and alternative tasks.

NESA requirements

The RoSA and HSC are still going ahead in 2020. This means that schools must provide some formal assessment tasks for senior students.

The most up to date information about which subject requirements have changed, particularly around performance exams and major projects can be found on the NESA website.

Adjustments to formal assessments

You always have the option of adjusting a previously scheduled formal assessment to adapt to changed circumstances.

NESA has given principals the authority to change the number, type and weighting of school-based tasks in response to the current situation.

Refer to your school's assessment policy for details on how much notice you need to give students when making changes.

Alternative tasks

You can choose to design alternate tasks that will meet the needs of students learning from home. For example, you could change:

  • duration - a shorter task that assesses the same learning outcomes
  • method of delivery - rather than a live speech, students could submit a recording
  • the due date.

Timed HSC assessment tasks

Monitoring students, while they perform HSC assessment tasks remotely, is best done using web conferencing tools like Zoom.

Each student will need to work with their computer's camera turned on. The class supervisor can then observe the video feeds of all students engaged in the task.

Academic honesty

Your students will have all completed the HSC All My Own Work program, so remind them of the principles and strategies presented there.

Stage 6 advice for teachers

Teachers looking for advice on how best to support Stage 6 students to learn and master the required knowledge and skills for their subjects should visit the Stage 6 advice pages.


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