Classroom management

Classroom management in online environments requires similar practices to management of a physical space. The how is different, rather than the what.

Collaboration, group work and peer feedback will require students to communicate online and work together. Classroom expectations and behaviour should be the same as a face-to-face lesson.

Setting expectations

The key to classroom management in an online space is clearly communicating expectations and consequences.

As a class you and your students should create an agreement that includes elements of digital citizenship, respect for self and others as well as academic honesty.

Consequences and requirements should be built into this agreement.

Oversight of students

You can monitor student activity using the analytics and logs built into most learning management systems. If students are using G Suite for Education or O365 applications for activities you can virtually look over their shoulder by opening the document they are working in and checking the edit history.

Further information

For support for using the built in monitoring options within your software visit the Using technology page.


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