Getting feedback

How to effectively take feedback on board.

Make it timely

Quick feedback is also more effective for you, so however you are providing feedback, make sure it is a system that you and your students are familiar with.

Both G Suite for Education and Office 365 programs have a form creation tool that will easily allow you to make questionaires for your students.

Video or audio feedback

Tone of voice and facial expression play an important role in helping you understand how your students are engaging with their work or the methods you are using to deliver learning. Use software such as Seesaw or Flipgrid to get students to create pre-recorded video feedback for you.

Students as partners

Present your requests for feedback on how you are delivering learning to your students as a partnership.

Especially for older students, enlisting them in this way will give them voice and agency in their learning.

Activities for getting feedback

The following activities will support you to get constructive feedback from your students.


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