Remote learning advice for parents and carers

Use these guidelines to help you and your child get set up for remote learning success.

Time spent on learning from home

Visit our Timetable guidelines page for information on how much time to spend on learning from home.

Guidelines for remote learning success

Follow your normal routine

Support your child to eat breakfast, brush their teeth and get dressed in the morning.

Set up your workspace

Help your child set up a quiet space at a desk or table where they can work. If your child is using a computer, refer to the Learning environment checklist.

Eating and drinking

Prepare snacks and meals outside of school hours so you and your child can grab ready-made food. Encourage your child to drink water throughout the day.

Take breaks

Schedule in breaks for you and your child to grab a snack or do some stretches.

Build in fun

Encourage your child to take some time to be creative. Draw, play with Lego or check out our list of activities for early learners and children in primary school for more ideas.

Online resources

Bookmark important pages like the Learning from Home hub where you’ll find learning resources and packages to use with your child.

Be flexible

Be flexible and work with your school during this challenging time. If you or your child are having trouble with a task, move onto something else.

Young children

If your child is young, don’t feel pressured to re-create a 6-hour school day.

Learning from home for your child

Check out Remote learning advice for your child.


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