Computing Technology 7–10 100-hour course

Computing Technology 7–10 may be studied as a 100-hour or a 200-hour course. The content available for Stage 4 is identical to Stage 5. Teachers teaching the course in Stage 4 may adjust the Stage 5 outcomes as appropriate to the needs of students in Years 7 and 8.

Students undertaking the 100-hour course are required to complete:

  • at least one Enterprise Information Systems focus area
  • at least one Software Development focus area
  • 2–3 focus areas either individually or combined
  • practical learning and project work for most of the course time
  • at least one group project.

Scope and sequence

The scope and sequence is a planning document that shows an example of how the course may be delivered in a 100-hour pattern of study. The scope and sequence shows the organisation of the content, highlights the skills and outcomes covered and indicates content including practical projects per term.

Assessment schedule

The assessment schedule is a planning document that breaks down the learning through focusing on assessments. Assessment types, weighting and outcomes included are prepared per term and align to the scope and sequence.

For further support contact the TAS team through TAS@det.nsw.edu.au


Please note:

The new Computing Technology 7–10 Syllabus (2022) is to be taught from 2024.

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