An initiative in inclusion - Auslan road safety messages

Robert Townson High School's Hearing Support Unit has taken a proactive step in promoting road safety within the Deaf community. Sara, a dedicated Teacher of the Deaf, attended the two-day Road Safety Education workshop for SSP and Support unit teachers. She recognised the need for Auslan-signed road safety messages and identified the explicit road safety education needs of her students to be safe, independent road users.

To bring this initiative to life, Sara applied for additional funding through a project plan, which was supported by her local Road Safety Education Officer. Collaborating with Alana, a valued member of the Deaf community and SLSO from Nuwarra Public School, the team worked closely with the students to develop, rehearse, and film the road safety messages being signed.

The department's Communications and Engagement team embraced this important project by offering their expertise in video editing. Their involvement ensured that the final product reflects the hard work and passion invested by the students and staff.

The resulting videos featuring road safety messages in Auslan are a valuable resource for all students. These clips, along with the ongoing development of teaching and learning resources, will enable every student to access vital road safety information, thereby enhancing their safety and overall well-being.

By providing Auslan-signed Road Safety Messages, Robert Townson High School's Hearing Support Unit have bridged a crucial gap in road safety education, ensuring that all students can benefit from this information.

Watch one of these great clips below. (It is recorded with no sound).

Stop Look Listen Think in Auslan

The complete set of Road safety messages in Auslan videos

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