Park and walk

Times have changed and it’s time for parents and carers to rethink how they get their children to school each day.

More and more people are now working from home, which can allow a little more time to travel with your child to and from school.

If time allows and it is safe to do so, why can’t more children be walking, scooting or cycling to school either with a parent/carer or if old enough on their own? Children will arrive at school healthier and happy and ready to learn and the warmer weather is a perfect time to make the switch from the car.

If you do need to drive your child to school, let’s try and park a little further away from school and walk with your child the rest of the way, or if they are older, let them walk by themselves as a start to becoming independent.

If everyone doesn’t feel they need to park and drop their child off at the front gate it will help stop congestion and traffic.

Please remember to:

  • use the time walking together as a great time to point out how to be a safe pedestrian
  • be considerate in your parking
  • park according to the signs
  • if driving, always drop your child on the school side a bit further away than the front gate and walk safely into the school

Park and walk doesn’t have to be just to and from school. As a community there are more and more cycling paths and footpaths, councils are trying to encourage everyone when possible to put away the car keys and start to walk or ride when commuting in the local area.

Tomorrow can be the beginning of your school community’s Park and walk campaign.

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