Eddie Woo explains stopping distances

Eddie Woo, mathematics expert, explains how the faster you go the longer it takes to stop.

Transport for NSW asked Eddie Woo, a mathematics expert to explain stopping distances and the impact of vehicle speed on the human body, appealing to all drivers to slow down.

The main messages are:

  • Casual speeding is the biggest cause of deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads
  • Let's stop being casual about speeding
  • Casual speeding. Every K counts
  • Most speeding deaths occur at no more than 10km/h over
  • Going 65 in a 60 zone doubles your risk of crashing

Share these messages and videos with your school community and Maths faculty to use in their teaching and learning.

Reinforce the message that driving to the speed limit and driving conditions is critical for keeping road users safe.

Eddie Woo discusses stopping distances
Video about the importance of slowing down
Image: The faster you go the longer it takes to stop

Transport for NSW provides more information about:

The campaign Casual Speeding, Every K counts

Speeding Driving too fast - NSW Centre for Road Safety

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