Approach 2 – Stage-based

This approach is stage-based and includes specific units of learning to address child protection education. Syllabus content addressing other PDHPE-related policies is embedded throughout multiple units of learning.

Early Stage 1 (ES1) has an ‘Option A’ and ‘Option B’. These options were developed to provide flexibility in making this scope and sequence suitable for a stage-based and/or a multi-stage context. Option A aligns to the ‘Odd’ years for Stages 1-3 while Option B aligns to the ‘Even’ years for Stages 1-3. Schools may choose the option that best suits their context.


  • stage of learning

  • term and duration

  • odd and even years

  • syllabus outcomes

  • unit title

  • unit description

  • key inquiry questions

  • opportunities to address department policies related to PDHPE

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