The question box allows for anonymity and establishment of student prior knowledge in relation to PDHPE concepts. Allowing students to ask questions in an anonymous manner will increase student access to reliable information. Even though anonymous, it is a reasonable assumption that teachers may be able to identify a student should a disclosure be made, so a child protection response can be provided. If it is a large group or the teacher is not familiar with students’ work, they could invite students to add their name, if they wish, saying it will not be shared with the group. Although not all students will, this should assist with identification, if it is needed. The box should be a material item such as a shoebox, bowl or hat.

Explain to students:

  • the question box can be used to ask questions that they want to know but don’t want to ask in front of everyone
  • the question box is anonymous, but you might choose to add your name if you wish
  • everyone will be given a blank piece of paper at the end of each lesson
  • everyone must record something on their piece of paper whether it is a question or something else (for example last night’s dinner) to ensure the questions remain anonymous or a drawing
  • they must place their own paper into the question box
  • questions will be answered at the next lesson.
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