Telephone interpreting

On demand and pre-booked interpreting services are available through a national provider.

The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) can be used by schools if the assignment meets the Interpreting and translations guidelines (staff only) (PDF 313KB).

On demand interpreting

Please note if the parent is not with you at school the TIS operator will call the phone number you supply and get the interpreter on the line as well, setting up a 3 way conversation. If more than one teacher is involved in the interpreting session, such as for a student progress meeting, make sure you are using a speaker phone in a quiet location.

To request a common language interpreter when needed, schools call TIS on 131 450 and follow the automated prompts. Say which language is required. Answer "Yes" to the question about having a registered account and answer "No" to the question about having an ATIS account. You will be connected to an operator.

Provide your full name, telephone number and name of the school or office. Quote the Client Code found in the Interpreting and translations guidelines (staff only) (PDF 313KB) or by phoning 7814 3124. The operator will ask for assignment details including the location of the client. Provide the client's name, if known, and telephone number if the client is not with you. The operator will locate an interpreter immediately in most cases.

Brief the interpreter about the purpose of the call. If the client is not with you, the operator will ring the client and the interpreter will stay on the line to assist you with your call in a three-way conversation.

Pre-booked interpreting

Pre-book a telephone interpreter when a language is not common or when a specific time is required, such as a meeting with a teacher.

  • Provide the school's details and department client code, found in the Interpreting and translations guidelines (staff only) (PDF 313KB).
  • Accurately indicate the start and end time of a pre-booked call. Note - you are charged for the time requested even if the call ends early.
  • Confirmation of bookings should be received within 48 hours.
    • If you don't receive confirmation of your booking, contact TIS' pre-booked phone interpreter bookings on 1300 655 081.
  • Follow the instructions on your confirmation notice when making the call.

National Relay Service

Use the National Relay Service to assist communication with the deaf or those with a speech impairment.

For more information contact the National Relay Service helpdesk on 1800 555 660, Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

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