Sam's money problem

Stage 2 – A thinking mathematically context for practise focussed on using additive strategies with currency and decimal place value


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  • MAO-WM-01 
  • MA2-RN-02 
  • MA2-AR-01 
  • MA2-AR-02

Collect resources

You will need:

  • pencils or markers
  • your mathematics workbook.

The problem

Sam bought some lunch for his family which cost $13.65.

He paid using a 20 dollar note.

How much change will he receive?

  • $6.35
  • $6.45
  • $7.35
  • $7.45


    As Sam put his change in his pocket, he realised he had been given 1 note and 4 coins.

    He wondered what other quantities could I make with one $5 note and 4 more coins?

    • What’s the smallest amount of money I might have?
    • What's the largest amount of money I might have?
    • How many possibilities are there?

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