Race to write

A thinking mathematically context for practise, focussed on matching numerals to quantities


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  • MAO-WM-01 
  • MAE-RWN-01
  • MAE-RWN-02

Collect resources

You will need:


Take turns to spin the spinner and trace over the matching numeral on your game board. The first player to complete a full row wins the race.


    If you played the game again tomorrow, what would you do differently? Why?

    Other ways to play

    • Provide your child with a pile of number words they flip over to determine which numeral to write. (e.g. cards that say ‘one’, ‘two’ etc.)

    • Have a pile of ten frames showing 1-10. Your child flips over to determine which numeral to write.

    • Work within the range of 1-5 before progressing to 1-10.

    • Work with numerals 1-20 using a second game board.


    Share your work with your class on your digital platform. You may like to:​

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