My doubles book

ES1 – A thinking mathematically targeted teaching opportunity focussed on collecting representations of doubles


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Collect resources

You will need:

  • something to write with

  • 5 snap-lock bags

  • a stapler

  • a piece of cardboard.


Watch Number visuals video (5:21).

Collect examples of doubles in the environment.

(Duration: 1 minute and 31 seconds)

[White text over a navy blue background: My doubles book. In the lower right-hand corner is a white waratah logo of the NSW Government. In small font in the lower left-hand corner is the text: NSW Mathematics Strategy Professional Learning team (NSWMS PL team).]


My doubles book.

[New slide. Text: You will need…

· Something to write with

· 5 snap-lock bags

· A stapler

· Piece of cardboard.

To the right of the text is an image of a stapler, a pen and a pile of snap-lock bags on a piece of cardboard.]


You will need something to write with, five snap-lock bags, a stapler, and a piece of cardboard. Today, we are going to go around and find examples of doubles in our home. Look, here's some pages that Holly found for her doubles book.

[New, blank white slide. An image of a green die showing 6 dots in a snap-lock bag appears in the top left corner. Red arrows show one row of 3 dots and another row of 3 dots.]


This is a double. There are three dots on this side, and there are three dots on this side. That's double three.

[To the right of the green die image, another image appears of a green die and a blue die in a snap-lock bag. Red arrows point to both die showing 2 dots.]


This is a double. There are two dots on this die, and two dots on the other. That's double two. Here's another double.

[An image of a toy spider in a snap-lock bag appears in the top right corner. Arrows point to the 4 legs of spider on either side of the body.]


There are four legs on this side of the spider, and four legs on the other. That's double four.

[An image of a blue Lego block with 8 studs appears in the bottom row. Arrows point to both rows of 4 studs.]


And here's another double four where we can see four, like a dice, at the top, and four at the bottom of the Lego brick.

[IN the bottom right corner an image of a round, cut-out hand drawn face of a man wearing glasses in a snap-lock bag appears. Arrows point to the lenses of the face’s glasses.]


And Holly saw a double when she looked at a drawing she had done of her granddad's glasses, where she saw double one.

[New slide. An image of a stapler, marker, a pile of snap-lock bags and a stapled together collected of snap-lock bags containing pegs, coins and paper with the title: Holly’s book of 5.]


If you want to create your own doubles book and see another book Holly made, watch the videos below.

[New slide. Text: Over to you!

New slide: The NSW Government logo flashes on screen. Text below reads: Copyright, State of New South Wales (Department of Education), 2021.]

[End of transcript]


  • Go on a doubles hunt around your home.
  • Collect or draw pictures of items that show an example of a double and place each item or drawing into its own snap lock bag.
  • Learn how to create a double book or see another book Holly made.
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