Basketball toss – Stage 2 and 3

Stage 2 and 3 – A thinking mathematically context for practise, focussed on collecting, representing and analysing data on length


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Collect resources

You will need:

  • pair of socks
  • basket, bucket or container
  • a clear space
  • pencils or markers
  • your mathematics workbook.


Watch how to setup basketball toss video (0:26).

Set up of basketball toss game.

[A title over a navy-blue background: Which one doesn’t belong? 2. Small font text in the upper left-hand corner reads: NSW Department of Education. In the lower left-hand corner is the white waratah of the NSW Government logo]


Getting ready for basketball toss testing my left hand with my right hand, so I need a basket. Which is this thing and I need a marker so I put my marker down here as you can see and from here I need to take three big steps.

One. Two. Three.

And I drop my basket here.

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[End of transcript]


  • Challenge: See how many times you can successfully shoot your rolled up socks into the basket.
  • Mark a clear ‘starting line’ for your basketball toss.
  • Take 3 big steps from your starting line and place a basket, bucket or container at the end.
  • Stand at your starting line and throw your socks with your right hand.
  • Throw your socks, aiming for the basket, 10 times with your right hand.
  • Then, do the same thing 10 times with your left hand.
  • Repeat again trying throwing backwards and with your eyes closed.
  • Keep a record of your baskets and graph your results in your workbook.


  • What happened to your basket sock score when you used your left hand compared to your right hand?
  • What about with your eyes closed?
  • Do you think this would change with practice?


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