Unpacking core composition syllabus revision

This document is to support students in analysing their dances in preparation for interview/elaboration.

A key component of HSC Dance is being able to articulate the process you’ve gone through in creating your works. It is important to revise syllabus dot points as well as your own notes and journal entries to think about how you can relate what you have learnt from your own performances and composition.

This resource is an example of how students can unpack their practical performances and decide how the syllabus relates to their own movements.

This resource was created in 2020 – some resources may contain references to 2020 conditions and dates. Please check NESA HSC key dates and exam timetables.


Please note:

Syllabus outcomes and content descriptors from Dance Stage 6 Syllabus (2009) © NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales, 2021.

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