Here’s 7 ways you and your mates can support each other

Your social network can help you get through the stress of exams and you can reach out to your friends and anyone else who needs support.

Be proud of your resilience

There’s no doubt that year 12 is a tough and challenging year and the last 12 months have been pretty tumultuous. It’s important to remind your friends just how resilient you've all been. Looking back is just as important as looking forward to appreciating how far you've come. So pat yourself on the back and be confident.

Check in with a friend

During a study break, a quick check in - "Hi, how's it going?", “Good luck! All the best!” or "How was the exam?" lets a friend know you're thinking of them during the day.

Or find a meme or video clip that appeals to their humour. If your friends are feeling a bit stressed or down, this might help them out. It’s also another way of letting them know you’re thinking about them, without all the awkwardness of saying it.

Schedule in times to connect within the study group/timetable to enable each other time to focus.

Take study breaks together

Study requires sustenance so locking in a regular time to grab a bite together (physically or virtually) is a simple and convenient way to keep hanging out.

Do physical activities together

Take the edge off study stress by locking in a daily or weekly time where you kick a ball around or play cricket or jog together. Whatever sport is your preference. Ideally, choose something that’s going to be fun - not simply gruelling exercise. It can be a great communal way to all hang out and burn off stress.

Contact others outside your social network

Don’t just think of your mates. You’re all in this together. Identify schoolmates who may be a bit isolated or seem stressed or troubled. Sending them a thoughtful and positive message will mean a lot, especially as it will be unexpected.

Make post-HSC plans

There's also a lot that you can plan for. Encourage your mates to tell you what they're looking forward to doing after the exams are over. Focus on those well-deserved celebratory plans. It’s your reward for all that hard work. You're almost there!

Reach out for help

If the problem is bigger than you and your friend can handle, or you feel you can't support your friend on your own, reach out to support from your school such as school counselling staff, a teacher, SSO or Year Adviser. Outside of school reach out to a trusted adult, teacher or GP or if you need to seek urgent help – there there are services available for you online or phone 24/7.

We're wishing all Year 12 students the best of luck for their final exams!

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