Tips from former Year 12 students — on physical health and wellbeing

Tips and advice to this year's HSC students, from past and current students, to help with your wellbeing.

It's often really nice to get outside...
Go on walks and listen to music! Breaks made my work ethic far more efficient

Cilla, former year 12 student, 2020

Listening to music - 5 tips to tune in, tune out and tune up!

Just getting outside and exercising with friends whether that’s going for a walk, or a swim, or to the beach. I just think these things are really important, so that 1) your study is more efficient because doing things that you love will make you feel better. And while it can be really overwhelming, it can be really nice to hang out with your friends or family. And do something that makes you happy

Grace, former year 12 student 2020

Here’s 7 ways you and your mates can support each other

My stress swap is to exercise daily. Exercise helps clear your head and allows you to take a moment to work off the stress of the day. All it needs to be is a quick fifteen minute jog or a seven minute workout. This gets your heart rate up and allows you to get back to achieving your goals.”

Jasper, year 12 student 2021

Stress Swaps: Ways to reduce exam stress (ReachOut)

There are so many resources designed for year 12 students that focus on the stress that comes with the HSC. It’s so handy to have tips and tricks up your sleeve so you can study and perform at your best in the lead up to the exams

Stella, former year 12 student 2020

HSC exam tips, for the lead up to exams

HSC exam tips - on exam day

Mediation could help you with exam stress
To keep me focused, something that I do is meditation. Meditation works for me because it keeps me focussed for a longer period. IT also ensures that I am having a rest and that I am stress free. If you decide to start meditating I advise you start with guided meditation. It allows me yo get all my work done as planned without procrastinating

Narma, year 12 student

What is mindfulness meditation (Reach Out)

Mental health is my number one priority. And I often stress swap the books and pens to play the harmonica. Music is therapeutic and keeps me connected to my culture. Often we forget that tunes, rhymes and sounds are a form of communication, far more powerful than words. Practice relaxation and elevate your mood by picking up a musical instrument or listening to your favourite musical genre.

Neha, year 12 student

How to use music for mental health (Reach Out)

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