Quick tips to get set up for your HSC studies

Quick tips to get you going on your HSC study journey.

1. Make a study space

Build your study nest. A place that’s all yours.

Perhaps it’s your bedroom. Wherever it is, it’s a space free from distractions where you can study and not be disturbed. You'll have everything set up in your study nest for a flying start.

2. Switch on - Switch off (screens)

To switch on to study, switch off those screens. Buckle in and go airplane mode (or just leave your phone in another room, it will still be there for later when you reward yourself with a break).

Put you study-face on and focus on what will pay off later. Social media is going nowhere.

3. Get a bit organised

"Don't get in a bind. Get binders!"

Why did Einstein wear a duplicate of the same outfit every day? He didn't want to waste time thinking about what to wear.

Of course, you should wear different clothes. But with your notes and folders, keep them organised and up to date so you can save time when you sit down to study.

So... get a bit clerical*

*adjective - concerned with routine documentation and administrative tasks.

4. Switch on Switch off (time)

Could it be a series of sprints? Switch on to study. Then take break and switch off

Some study experts recommend 20 min on, then 5 or so min off.

… and repeat.

Take those breaks to clear your head and recharge. Start building that study ‘muscle memory’ now, leaving more time to be active or social in between.

5. Get a (study) habit

Being a HSC study monster just doesn’t happen overnight.

Like any activity you get better with practice. Go gentle on yourself and learn from your early study missteps. Try setting yourself goals, and when you meet that goal reward yourself.

Be the boss (and you’re a good boss, right!, really supporting and encouraging, OK).

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