What do I do if my child is getting into trouble at school?

Nearly every child will occasionally get into trouble at school. Support them to bounce back and get learning-ready.

Steps to take if there’s been a behaviour incident

If an incident occurs, the school should contact you. If this happens, you should:
  • Listen to what the school has to say about the incident. Try not to jump to your child’s defence without hearing all sides of the situation or to blame them before you’ve discussed this with them.
  • Talk with your child. Keep an open mind. Hear them without adding input.
  • Work as a team with your child and their teachers to assist them to make amends if they need to and move forward in a positive way.

For more information about steps to take for incidents of bullying, you can visit our If your child is being bullied or If your child is bullying others webpages.

Set up a meeting with the school to discuss ongoing behaviour concerns

If your child is displaying ongoing behaviours of concern, you may need to set up a meeting with your child’s school and with your child if they are old enough. Together you can discuss what’s been happening and create a way forward.

How to problem-solve together

Work with your child and their teacher to develop a plan to solve the issue.

  • Ask your child what they think possible solutions could be
  • Speak to their teacher about whether these can be implemented in the classroom
  • Work together with your child’s teacher to solve any issues
  • reinforce school expectations, rules and routines often
  • Celebrate success!


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