Transition to primary school

Starting school is a big milestone for children and their families. The transition between learning environments can be both challenging and exciting.

Transition to School Statement

Your child’s early childhood education service will give you a Transition to School Statement you can share with your child’s school before they start. The Transition to School Statement gives a snapshot of your child’s strengths, interests and preferred ways of learning.

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is a statewide assessment that helps teachers identify the literacy and numeracy skills your child brings with them at the beginning of Kindergarten.

Children start school with a range of experiences, skills and abilities. The assessment allows teachers to spend one-on-one time with each child, learning about their literacy and numeracy abilities. This helps teachers plan effective teaching and learning programs. The assessment does not require students to prepare or study.

Your school will provide more information about the assessment.


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