Every Day Matters

A day away from school here or there doesn’t seem like much but absences add up.

If your child misses as little as one day per week, they will miss 40 days of school and 8 weeks of learning in one year. Over an entire school journey, this adds up to 2.5 years of lost learning.

Attending school

Attending school every day gives your child the best opportunity and access to a wide range of learning, wellbeing and social connections.

Each day of school builds on what was learned the day before.

Your school is here to support you in getting your child ready and motivated for school every day.  

When your child is absent it is important you let your school know, including the reason why, on the day or the day before. This helps make sure schools know where their students are and offer support for you and your family if needed.

Please contact your school if your child needs to miss school for any reason, so they can plan continued support for your child’s learning and wellbeing.

Supporting attendance - what you can do

Learn more about your role and strategies you can use to support your child's attendance at school.


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