Illness or misadventure

The Selective High School Placement Test for entry in 2019 was conducted on Thursday 15 March 2018. The test is held on the one day only in NSW test centres. There is no catch up test.

Illness: If your child was sick or injured or had a diagnosed medical condition affecting your child’s performance or causing your child to miss the test. Misadventure: An incident or circumstances affecting your child’s performance either in their school assessments or in the test, or causing your child to miss the test.

Evidence of illness/misadventure

If your child was affected, you should have submitted documentary evidence such as a medical certificate to cover the day of the test. The illness/misadventure form is not available after the due date, 29 March 2018.

Grounds for illness/misadventure requests

If your child misses the test for a good reason you can submit a request for consideration of Illness/misadventure with supporting evidence to the Unit.

If your child is sick or injured you must include a medical certificate to cover the test date and the 'Independent evidence of illness', on page 3 of the form, completed by your medical practitioner. Generally, it is better for the student to take the test than to miss the test even if the student's performance is affected. A student should never risk harm in order to attend the test or attend the test against medical advice.

If your child sits the test and you are aware of a problem that may have significantly affected your child's performance either IN THE TEST or AT SCHOOL LAST YEAR you should submit an illness/misadventure form. If your child is sick or injured you must include a medical certificate and the 'Independent evidence of illness' on page 3 of the form, completed by your medical practitioner. Long-term illness affecting the school assessment scores cannot be compensated for.

Issues you could raise through the illness/misadventure process may include illness, injury, incidents on the day of the test, family circumstances, bereavement and others affecting the student's performance.

Interstate or overseas applicants may request consideration of misadventure if they are unable to sit the Selective High School Placement Test but attended a NSW primary school in Year 5 and the school can provide school assessment scores that can be moderated.

After the Unit sends placement outcomes to parents, the Unit cannot accept appeals about problems that should have been considered through the illness/misadventure process.

Making an illness/misadventure request

For 2019 entry, illness/misadventure forms must have been submitted by 29 March 2018.

To make a request for consideration of illness/misadventure:

  • Print and complete the Illness/misadventure form (available here until two weeks after the test)
    • In the case of illness or injury, take the 'Independent evidence of illness' page to the child's doctor. You should also get a medical certificate. Both must cover the day of the test.
    • In the case of misadventure, collect and scan any supporting evidence.
  • Complete the illness/misadventure form – include an explanation in only one section on page 2.
  • Scan the completed Illness/misadventure form, medical certificate or other evidence.
  • Email the form and evidence to the High Performing Students Unit by 29 March 2018.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your form. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your illness/misadventure request by 19 April 2018, contact the Unit at or phone 1300 880 367.

Assessment of illness/misadventure requests

The selection committee makes the decision to accept the request following a review of the evidence submitted.

A student may be considered on moderated school assessment scores, if available, when an illness/misadventure request is upheld. If this option is not possible, parents may wish to provide results of an IQ test performed by a qualified psychologist. If neither of these options is possible, the selection committee may consider other evidence of academic merit.

If an illness/misadventure request is made for a student who missed the test and who does not have reliable, moderateable school assessment scores, the student may be considered on the basis of a reliable full scale WISC IV or V or Stanford-Binet V IQ score and any other assessment that may be requested. The WISC V test is preferred. In cases where the IQ test may be the only comparable evidence of academic merit, government primary schools may be asked to allow their school counsellor to conduct the test. If this option is unavailable parents will need to arrange for their child to be tested at their own expense.

Even where a request is well supported by evidence and is accepted by selection committees, an adjustment is not always possible and the outcome might not change.

The Unit tells parents the result of an illness/misadventure request in early July when the outcome of their selective high schools application is sent.

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