Illness or misadventure

Definition of illness: If your child was sick or injured or had a diagnosed medical condition affecting your child’s performance on the test or in school assessments or causing your child to miss the test.

Definition of misadventure: An incident or circumstances affecting your child’s performance either in their school assessments or in the test, or causing your child to miss the test.

Evidence of illness/misadventure

If your child is affected, you should obtain relevant documentary evidence such as a medical certificate and Independent evidence of illness form (if the student missed the test) to cover the day of the test and upload it to the online Illness/misadventure request form by 17 March 2022.

Depending on the circumstances it may be advisable for the student to sit the test and make an illness/misadventure request afterwards. However, students must not attend the test if there is a risk to their health or the health of others, such as in cases of contact with contagious disease. Students with signs of respiratory illness cannot be admitted.

Grounds for illness/misadventure requests

You can make a request for special consideration for illness/misadventure about:

  • events affecting performance on the test
  • events causing the student to miss the test.

How to make a request

Go to your application dashboard and click on the three dots under the Action column. Choose 'illness/misadventure'.

You will be able to upload documentation to the online form. Please combine your documentation into one file. If you are unable to upload all of your documentation, send it attached to a message in your application dashboard immediately after submitting the online form.

You will need to submit the request within 5 working days after the test, by 17 March 2022.

Any matters relating to performance in the test will be investigated directly by Cambridge Assessment, the test developers. View the Cambridge Assessment illness/misadventure policy (PDF 167KB)External link.

Assessment of illness/misadventure requests

The severity of the impact of the illness/misadventure is assessed by the test developers where test performance is affected. The selection committee considers the illness/misadventure causing absence from the test and makes decisions about requesting alternative evidence of academic merit if necessary. As school assessment scores are not available for students in 2021, other alternative evidence of academic merit may be sought where students miss the test in extenuating circumstances.

After the Team sends placement outcomes to parents, parents cannot appeal about problems that were or should have been considered through the illness/misadventure process.

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