Opportunity class practice tests

What is in the test?

The Opportunity Class Placement Test has 3 test sections.

Test component No. of questions Time Weighting
Reading 25 30 minutes 33.3%
Mathematical Reasoning 35 40 minutes 33.3%
Thinking Skills 30 30 minutes 33.3%

You will be given a paper booklet with the test questions and a separate answer sheet for you to mark the correct answers with your pencil.

All questions are multiple-choice.

More about the 3 test sections

Reading test

The Reading test questions assess various reading skills through a diverse range of texts.

The texts include different genres such as:

  • non-fiction
  • fiction
  • poetry
  • magazine articles
  • reports.

The reading test has 25 questions. You will have 30 minutes to complete this test.

Mathematical reasoning test

The Mathematical reasoning test assesses the student's ability to use mathematical understanding and knowledge to solve problems from a range of math topics.

The mathematical reasoning test has 35 questions. You will have 40 minutes to complete this test.

Calculators are not used in the mathematical reasoning test (or any other test section).

Thinking skills test

The Thinking skills test evaluates the student's critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through various question types.

The thinking skills test has 30 questions. You will have 30 minutes to complete this test.

No previous knowledge is required for this test.

Student resource hub

Did you know there is a Student resource hub where your child can:

  • learn more about whether an opportunity class might be a good fit
  • take interactive quizzes
  • practise test items to help them prepare
  • and lots more.

Practice tests

Your child may feel more confident and prepared if they practise answering the test questions below.

These are not the actual questions they will get on the day, but examples of the types of questions they can expect.

You can view the questions, the answer sheets and the answers for the multiple-choice tests. The sample practice tests also have explanations of the answers.


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