Selection process

There will be changes to the scoring for the new test for placement in 2022. The new scoring details will be updated when they are confirmed.

Selection committees

A selection committee is convened for each selective high school. It is usually made up of at least two people – the principal and a parent or community representative. Placement at a specific selective high school is made by that school's selection committee.

Selection committees view the list of students applying to their school in order of academic merit.

They consider individual circumstances such as disabilities and requests for special consideration for illness/misadventure. They have the discretion to accept or reject any applicants who have been allowed to apply late based on extenuating circumstances. They can also give special consideration to students of Aboriginal background and those who have been doing most school work in the English language for less than four years.

Selection committees decide how many students will be put on on reserve lists based on numbers offered in the previous year.

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