For entry in 2019 the placement outcome will be sent on 6 July 2018.

The placement outcome advises that your child may be:

  • offered a place at one school choice and/or
  • placed on a reserve list (waiting list) for one or more school choices
  • unsuccessful for placement and unsuccessful for a place on the reserve list for all choices.

If your child is made an offer to one school and also had a score high enough for a lower choice school, the lower choice school will be shown as 'Not applicable'.

A response form will be included for students with offers. A due date for return will be noted on the form.

Scores information will be provided for most applicants. It will show the raw scores used to calculate the placement score.

If you receive an offer or reserve place you will be sent a Placement outcome information bulletin (PDF 41KB) explaining what each type of outcome means and what you need to do.

Selection committees may need to conduct further investigation for a small number of applications. Those applicants will receive advice as soon as possible.

If you have not received your placement outcome by 13 July 2018, email the Unit using the 'Outcome not received' form (.doc 52KB).

Early advice

The Unit may be able to provide some initial placement advice if parents prove they are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of more than $2000 to a non-government school prior to the release of placement outcomes. This advice may not be the final outcome and generally the only information the Unit can be sure of is either where a student clearly qualifies based on their likely placement score or where a student is clearly likely to be unsuccessful. Any early release of outcome advice must be kept strictly confidential.

No early advice information would be available before June.

In late May you can request an early advice form to be sent to you by emailing the Unit, quoting your child's name and application number. Return the completed form attaching supporting documentation.

The request must then be approved by the Unit to ensure all conditions are met. After submitting the form you can call the Unit in June, a day or two before the deadline for paying the non-refundable deposit to get the advice if it is approved. You can ask for early advice once only.

Responding to an offer

Complete, sign and return the response form to the High Performing Students Unit before the due date, usually 14 days later. If you get an offer by phone you may have to respond within 24 hours. Offers will lapse if responses are not received by the due date advised with the offer. Please use PDF format and send it by email if possible.

If you accept an offer and then change your mind about accepting it, please email the Unit to decline the offer immediately so the next student on the reserve list can then be offered the place.

The Unit will confirm receipt of your response to an offer within 21 days. If you have not received the confirmation 21 days later, email the Unit.

If you will be unable to check your email (or mail) for more than a week, such as going on holiday with no internet access, you can advise the Unit by email that you will accept any offer in advance if your child qualifies.

Withdrawal or lapse of offers

Offers will be withdrawn if students do not satisfy all enrolment requirements, such as residency, or if students do not enrol at the school at the beginning of the school year without providing a satisfactory explanation and without prior approval from the principal of the selective high school.

Any deferment must be negotiated with the Unit before enrolment. The request may not be approved. You cannot defer enrolment beyond the first day of Term 2 in the year of entry.

Offers may lapse if the response is not returned to the Unit by the due date and if the Unit is unable to contact the applicant.

Offers may be withdrawn if placement is made on the basis of false or misleading information.

Reserve lists

Selective high schools have a limited number of places available each year. Students are offered a place based on their calculated placement score and the order of school choices. Each school also has a list of reserves. Applicants are given their reserve list position with their outcome advice. From early August you can follow the progress of the reserve lists until the last day of the school year (15 December 2017 for entry in 2018), when it is no longer updated online. However, subsequent offers will still be made until at least the end of Term 1 or until mid-June at the latest.

When an applicant declines an offer of placement, a student from the reserve list is offered the place. Students will receive an offer if their position on the reserve list is reached. Applicants must accept any offers by the advised due date or the offer will lapse.

  • Offers are made from July until at least the end of Term 1 of the year of entry. From that time principals may hold vacancies over for the Years 8 to 12 placement process.
  • Students on reserve lists are not guaranteed an offer of a place before reserve lists close.
  • Progress on a reserve list varies from school to school and year to year as it is determined by students declining offers.
  • Students who have accepted an offer for one school may also be placed on the reserve list for a school or schools they listed in a higher position on their application. If their reserve list position for a higher choice of school is reached, they will receive another offer. If the subsequent offer is accepted, the original offer is automatically declined. If the student is on a reserve list for a third higher choice school, and the reserve place for that school is reached, the Unit will still make a subsequent offer even if the lower choice offer was declined.

Students who have accepted an offer to a selective high school and also have a place on a reserve list will be removed from the reserve list on the last day students attend for the school year. To remain on the reserve list after this date the current offer must be declined. There is no guarantee the student will receive any further offers.

Aurora College

Offers to Aurora College will be completed by the end of October to organise timetabling with local 'base' high schools. No further offers will be made from the reserve list for Aurora College from that time.

Score details for parents

Most parents are sent the raw school assessment scores and the raw test marks along with the placement outcome advice. The scores are later moderated, scaled and averaged before the calculated placement score is derived. Therefore you cannot reproduce the calculation by converting scores to a percentage. In a few cases the score cannot be published. If parents do not receive their child’s score they can write to the Unit for an explanation.

The selection committee may adjust a child’s score based on criteria such as a student’s Aboriginality, length of time doing all school work in English, illness/misadventure request, appeal and a number of other factors. This is why a student may appear higher on a reserve list than another student with a higher calculated placement score. Any adjusted placement scores cannot be published as they can vary across the three selection committees considering the application.

No other score information is available, including adjusted scores or school rankings. Details of scores will not be provided over the phone.

Go to frequently asked questions about marks for further information about the marks letters sent with placement outcomes.

Outcome details for primary schools

The Unit sends reports to public primary schools listing the outcome for all their students who applied. Non-government school principals can request the information if the school provided school assessment scores and if the parents gave permission for the Unit to communicate with the school when they applied.

Appealing the outcome

If you have reason to appeal the outcome of the placement process, find out more about appeals.

Appeals cannot be made on the basis that the student would have qualified for a different school. Changes of school choice cannot normally be made after outcomes are released.


Schools will contact parents about enrolment procedures and open days later in the year.

All successful selective high school students are sent an 'Authority to attend' letter in mid-January of the year of entry. This document confirms the student's entitlement to enrol in a selective high school. Students should present the letter to the school on the first day of Term 1 along with other original documents the school requires.

Enrolments may be terminated if placement is made on the basis of false or misleading information.

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