Choosing a selective school

Both fully selective and partially selective high schools offer Year 7 placement. Aurora College provides online selective classes for rural or remote students. There are also four selective agricultural high schools. Selective high schools are located throughout NSW.

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School choices

Applicants can choose up to three selective high schools and must list these in order of preference.

Where students qualify for entry to two or three schools they will get an offer only to the highest listed school for which they qualify. Therefore it is important to list the preferred school at the top.


An applicant lists three schools in the following order:

  1. James Ruse Agricultural High School
  2. North Sydney Girls High School
  3. Blacktown Girls High School.

Scenario A

If the student qualified for both Blacktown Girls High School and North Sydney Girls High School they would receive an offer for North Sydney Girls High School – the higher listed choice.

Scenario B

If the student qualified only for Blacktown Girls High School they would be offered a place at that school regardless of whether it was listed first, second or third.

Scenario C

If the student qualified for all three schools they would receive an offer only for their first choice, James Ruse Agricultural High School.

A student can qualify for an offer to choice 2 or 3 and also be on a reserve list for choice 1. If a student qualified for all choices they would not be able to decline the highest choice offer and choose a lower choice instead.

Changing choices

To change your selective high school choices, log in to your application and go to 'School selection' in the left menu. Make the change and resubmit before 11:59 pm AEST on 24 April 2022. See instructions for changing your selective high school choices (PDF 307KB).

You cannot change selective school choices after the placement outcome is released, except in limited extenuating circumstances with well documented evidence. Any request to change choices at that time would need to be approved by the Selective Education Team.

Required entry scores

The entry score required for each school varies from year to year. It depends on the number and the academic merit of students who have chosen the school each year.

Things to consider

Prior to choosing and listing your schools you should consider your own individual circumstances.

  • List only the school or schools you would like your child to attend.
  • Consider available transport and the travel time for the student. The selection committee does not consider distances, travel times or transport arrangements from the student's home to the selective high school. You should not choose a school that your child cannot easily travel to each day (unless your child is boarding).
  • Applicants for Aurora College must enrol in Year 7 at a rural or remote government high school to participate in selective English, mathematics and science classes. The intended rural local high school (host school) must be named on the selective high school application.
  • Additional information including a medical report and payment of boarding fees are required if applying for a boarder placement at an agricultural high school.
  • If applying for the specialist Conservatorium High School using their application form, you can also choose up to three selective high schools. If you do not want your child considered for a selective high school, select any school in the application and then send a message that you are interested in the Conservatorium High School only.
  • Tuition at selective high schools is free (unless boarding) but schools may ask for a contribution to cover services such as library, textbooks and other curriculum-related resources. Schools may also ask for contributions to cover the purchase of materials in certain subjects and costs associated with sport or excursions.
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