The test

Students seeking entry to an opportunity class should sit the Opportunity Class Placement Test held in designated test centres each year.

Test date

The Opportunity Class Placement Test test has been rescheduled to Wednesday 17 November 2021.

The Opportunity Class Placement Test will be computer-based.

The test is held only in NSW and only on the test date each year.

Test authority

An 'Authority to sit the Opportunity Class Placement Test' letter will be emailed to parents and carers along with the test centre location and extra information about the test on Wednesday 3 November 2021.

The test information consists of:

  • a Test authority letter which must be taken to the allocated test centre on test day
  • a Test information sheet for parents and students that explains the test and lists what your child should and should not bring, and
  • information about adjustments to the test for disability, if relevant.

Test information

The Opportunity Class Placement Test format will change in 2021 for placement in 2022. These changes are in response to the findings of the 2018 Review of Selective Education Access report, commissioned by the NSW Department of Education.

The 2021 Opportunity Class Placement Test has been designed to allow students to demonstrate their abilities across a range of areas, including reading, mathematical reasoning and thinking skills.

Test structure

The test for 2021 will be computer-based and 60 minutes in length. It will be a continuous test with no breaks. The test will be structured as follows:

Reading - 14 items

Mathematical Skills - 18 items

Thinking Skills - 18 items

All questions will be multiple-choice.

Preparing for the test

This test will be computer-based. Students will be more comfortable with the test process if they are familiar with the types of questions they may be asked. Samples of paper-based test questions are provided below to help students become familiar with the types of questions. A sample computer-based test will be made available to parents and students in early November. However, the Department of Education does not recommend any specific coaching for the test.

Results of sample tests do not show how a student will score in their Opportunity Class Placement Test. The selection committee will not consider scores on sample tests or any other practice tests.

Sample tests

A sample computer-based test will be available in early November to familiarise students with navigating the test and what it may look like. The questions in the sample computer-based test will not be the questions asked on the test day.

Below are paper-based sample tests which indicate the types of questions to expect in the Opportunity Class Placement Test but are not the questions that will be asked on test day. You can view the questions to help understand the types of questions that may be asked in the test.

(The sample test papers are intended for printing and do not meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements. Students are provided with modified test materials as reasonable adjustments for disability if required.)

Section Links to samples


Reading sample questions (PDF 717 KB)

Reading sample answer sheet (PDF 591 KB)

Reading sample answers (PDF 8.41 KB)

Explanation of answers - Reading (PDF 387 KB)

Mathematical reasoning

Mathematical reasoning sample questions (PDF 280 KB)

Mathematical reasoning sample answer sheet (PDF 591 KB)

Mathematical reasoning sample answers (PDF35.6 KB)

Explanation of answers - Mathematical reasoning (PDF 857 KB)

Thinking skills

Thinking skills sample questions (PDF 604 KB)

Thinking skills sample answer sheet (PDF 590 KB)

Thinking skills sample answers (PDF 46.4 KB)

Explanation of answers - Thinking skills (PDF 411 KB)

Reasonable adjustments for disability

At the time of submitting an opportunity class application, applicants may request reasonable adjustments for disability for the test because of a diagnosed disability, medical condition, injury or behavioural condition. In the case of potentially life-threatening medical conditions, parents must arrange adjustments for disability beforehand.

If a student is injured or diagnosed after 14 May 2021, parents should contact the High Performing Students Team for advice about late requests for adjustments.

Find out more about reasonable adjustments for the test .

Test day

Students should wear school uniform, including a jumper if it is a cool day and a hat.

Students sitting the test at their own primary schools should arrive at the school no later than 9.00 am. Test coordinators and/or test administrators will direct students to the test room.

Students who arrive late may be allowed to take the test but will be required to finish at the same time as other students.

Students found to be cheating risk disqualification from the test.

Placement outcome information

It is expected that parents will be notified of the placement outcome in mid-January 2022.

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