Placement outcome information

Placement outcome information for entry in 2022 will be sent to parents by email and post overnight on Friday 1 October 202 .

The placement outcome information advises that your child may be:

  • offered a place at one school choice, or
  • placed on the reserve list (waiting list) for one or both choices, or
  • unsuccessful for one or both school choices, or a combination of two of the above.

If your child is made an offer to the school you slected as your first choice and also had a score high enough to be offered a place at your second choice school, the second choice school will be shown as 'not applicable'.

A response form is included for students with offers. Return it to the Team by the due date noted on the form.

If you receive an offer or reserve place you will be sent a 'Placement outcome information bulletin' explaining the terms used and the next steps in the placement process. You do not need a response form for reserve list only.

Selection committees may need to conduct further investigation for a small number of applications. Those applicants will receive advice as soon as possible.

Responding to an offer

Complete, sign and return the response form to the Team before the due date. You will usually need to respond within two weeks but if you get an offer by phone you may have to respond within 24 hours. If you do not respond by the due date the Team may assume you do not want the offer. Please use PDF format and upload the form in your application dashboard.

If you change your mind about accepting an offer, send a message to the Team in your application dashboard as soon as possible. The next person on the reserve list can then be offered the place.

If you will be unable to access your email account for more than a week, such as while on holiday without internet access when outcomes are due, you can advise the Teamby sending a message in your application dashboard that you will accept any offer in advance if your child qualifies.

Withdrawal or lapse of offers

Offers will be withdrawn if students do not satisfy all enrolment requirements such as residency, or if students do not enrol on the first day of school without prior approval or a satisfactory explanation. Any deferment of enrolment must be negotiated with the Team and the school principal before the first day of school. Enrolment cannot be deferred beyond Friday 18 February 2022.

Offers may lapse if the response is not returned to the Team by the due date and if the Team, after trying at least twice, is unable to contact the applicant.

Offers may be cancelled if placement is made on the basis of false or misleading information.

Reserve lists

Opportunity classes only have a limited number of places available each year. Students are offered a place based on their calculated placement score and the order of school choice. Each school may also have a reserve list in case students with initial offers withdraw. Applicants are given their reserve list position with their placement outcome advice.

The Team continues to make offers to students on reserve lists as vacancies occur throughout Year 5 and to at least the end of Term 1 in Year 6. You can follow the progress of the reserve lists from late-October 2021.

When an applicant declines an offer of placement, the next student on a reserve list is offered their place. Students will receive an offer if their position on the reserve list is reached. Applicants must accept an offer by the advised due date or the offer will lapse.

  • The reserve lists are activated towards the end of October.
  • Students on reserve lists may not be offered a place.
  • Progress on a reserve list varies from school to school and year to year as it is determined by students declining offers.
  • Students may be added to the reserve list as a result of appeals or approved changes to school choices.
  • Students who have accepted an offer for the school they listed second may be placed on the reserve list for the school they listed first. If their reserve list position for that school is reached, they will receive another offer. If they accept the new offer to the school they listed first, the Team will consider the original offer declined.
  • Reserve lists remain active throughout Years 5 and up to the end of Term 1 in Year 6.

Applicants who have accepted an offer for placement in an opportunity class, and are also on a reserve list for a higher choice school, will be removed from the reserve list at 5pm on Friday 28 January 2022. These applicants may remain on a reserve list for a higher choice only if they decline their offer by that date. However there is no guarantee that the student would receive a further offer.

Score details for parents

Most parents are sent raw test marks along with the placement outcome advice. The test scores are scaled before the calculated placement score out of 120 is derived. Therefore you cannot reproduce the calculation by converting scores to a percentage. In a few cases the score cannot be published.

A student's score may be adjusted during the selection process based on criteria such as a student's Aboriginality or Torres Strait Islander status, length of time doing all school work in English, and a number of other factors. This is why a student may appear higher on a reserve list than another student with a higher calculated placement score.

No other score information is available. Details of scores will not be provided over the phone.

There is no minimum fixed score required for entry to individual schools as suitably qualified students are placed in rank order of their placement scores to fill the available vacancies.

Outcome details for primary schools

The Team sends reports to public primary schools listing the outcome for each of their candidates. Non-government school principals can request the information if the school provided information.


Schools will contact parents about enrolment procedures and orientation days.

All successful opportunity class students are sent an 'Authority to attend' letter in late-January of the year of entry. This document confirms the student's entitlement to enrol in an opportunity class. Students must present the letter to the school on the first day of Term 1 along with other original documents the school requires.

Offers may be cancelled if placement is made on the basis of false or misleading information.

The NSW Department of Education has a responsibility to assess and manage any risk of harm to its staff or students. This includes assessing and managing risks posed to students or staff at a school by any student. Where relevant, such situations will be dealt with in accordance with the NSW Department of Education's enrolment policies and procedures.

Information for parents or caregivers regarding enrolment is available at: Enrolment

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